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Sonnet for Ash Wednesday

Memento, homuncule, quod cinis es, et in cinerem reverteris

(Remember, O man, that dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return)
– Liturgy for Ash Wednesday

Give thanks that I am drear and drifted dust,
Clotted and compiled upon a human frame.
For dust abides, it dures, is patient to be broke,
And if whatever yoke of life be cracked,
It rots and moulds, it rises in the grass,
It rears aloft, it suffers to be drawn
In bark or bloom or leaf, and blazes out
In red or green or gold; or scuttles off
Uncoloured, torn and wrested, raging on
The rise of wind that turns and tours the globe.
And thank that if this heart, too clotted to
Observe, then in my very earth implanted
What may track untrammelled
The endless lines and traces of our God.